translated from Spanish: There are authorized financial resources to comply with complementary actions to the Michoacán Gender alert: Cristina Portillo

Morelia Michoacán.-Since it is imperative to follow up the gender alert in Michoacan, to evaluate its compliance and positive effects, the Congress of the state of Michoacán approved financial resources to the executive, to implement actions that allow to comply in Time and form with the alert and actions derived from it, said Congresswoman Cristina Portillo Ayala.
By participating in the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the State network of women Municipalists of Michoacán «Leones de la Corregidora», the Vice-coordinator of the parliamentary fraction of Morena in the local Congress, said another relevant issue is to meet And enforce the law that obliges political parties to the continuing training of their women’s cadres, in political matters and, of course, on gender agenda issues.
He added that it is imperative that all parties, beyond their ideology, advocateed by the formation of new political cadres, to cover the quotas of spaces as candidates for popular election positions, in municipalities and constituencies.
In this sense, he highlighted the effort made by Morena for the incorporation of more women in the political life of the party, and in the communities themselves, because it is imperative the empowerment of the Michoacan women of Morena in all areas, even in the Different powers of government.
At the headquarters of the EMI in Morelia, highlighted the work carried out by this state network of women municipalities of Michoacán «Lionesses of the Corregidora», who congratulated to keep in force the issues of the gender agenda, «because it should be», to prevent Then institutionally devote more time and resources to issues that are less important and urgent.
In this regard, he spoke of the importance of institutionalizing the network, as a space for training and permanent orientation of the Michoacan woman. And he trusted that all the women from Michoacán, could access training spaces in their different regions.
Therefore, he spoke of the need to materialize the initiative that he proposed in the Congress of Michoacán to create the unit of studies of gender, through which not only it is intended to influence to achieve a real equity in the legislative power-where now are more the ESPA Jobs covered by men-but for Congress to become an institution oriented towards the formation and permanent training of women, in the agenda topics.
We will even look for the creation of the Michoacan gender data bank, and to achieve the certification of the Congress in the matter, he insisted, before Fermina Arellano, representative of the network; Ramón Hernández Reyes, CEO of EMI; and women from different municipalities.
Finally, he spoke of the legislative work in the coming months, where they will have to appoint three new magistrates, so we already work with the women members of all the political forces represented in the Congress, so that at least one of the spaces, is For a woman, a magistrate.

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