translated from Spanish: What is Keanu Reeves ‘ character in Toy Story 4?

Now that the premiere of Avengers has passed: Endgame and is lifting it in spades, all the efforts of Disney are put in promoting the next film of the Pixar studios. The fourth installment of Toy Story debuts in cinemas around the world next month and continues to make progress. The new spot of the animated adventure combines forces with the expectation of the public nerd to see the latest film by John Wick, which debuts soon. The saga of the professional assassin who comes the death of his dog returned the status of undisputed star action to Keanu Reeves and catapulted it back to popularity.

But if there is one thing that nobody expected, it was that Disney summoned it to give voice to one of the new characters of its endearing franchise of talking dolls. And yet, there we have it: Keanu Reeves gets into the skin (or rather, the plastic) of Duke’s boom, the biggest double risk in Canada. Or at least his action figure. This toy has its own commercial as Buzz Lightyear, and in an advance scene you can see it in a classic pose in homage to the Buzz of the first Toy Story. He also shares with him the excessive confidence in his abilities, although we still don’t know if Duke is aware that he is a toy or not.

Duke Boomer is a popular discontinued action figure in the new delivery of Toy Story

At the end of last year, Tim Allen himself (who gives his voice to the astronaut) announced that Keanu Reeves would be playing a very important role in the next installment of Toy Story. Although they had transcended some leaked details about who would be his character, it is only now officially confirmed.
Reeves plays a character named Duke Boom, which comes from a place where they send discontinued toys. Before Bo Peep (Betty in Latin America) is the victim of a garage sale, he goes to Duke for help after his sheep disappeared.

It is known that Pixar always leaves small winks (or Easter eggs) in his films to discover the most fanatics. There are even those who say that they are all connected and developed in the same universe. In this film they go one step further, confirming perhaps this theory: Duke was already appeared before in a film of Pixar and we did not realise.

In the amazing 2 you can see a toy that looks exactly like him in the cradle of Jack Jack.

Considering that the films of The Incredibles take place in the Seventies and Duke is a very popular toy of that era that was then discontinued, everything makes a lot of sense. The wit of Disney-Pixar knows no limits. Already had been officially revealed three other toys that will join the last installment of the saga (this time yes, the ultimate?) and all had their official presentation: Ducky and Bunny know Buzz Lightyear in a game of Kermesse, and Forky is created by Bonnie , the girl Andy inherited his toys from.

Duke’s booming is Keanu Reeves ‘ first job as a professional dubbing artist

The producer of Toy Story 4, Jonas Rivera, told People magazine that Keanu’s work was crucial in the development of his character Duke Boomer and he contributed a lot of his own personality. It is the first time that Reeves puts his voice to a character who has not interpreted before (he did with Neo and Ted Logan in their animated versions) but the little that could be seen and heard in the advancement, seems the perfect choice for the new member of the band more Famos A of toys. Toy Story 4 premieres in Argentina on June 20, a day before its premiere in cinemas of the rest of the world. In this note:

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