translated from Spanish: Young people in Coahuila approve of decriminalizing abortion

Mexico.-This Saturday young people surprised, with an express session and without media present, the approval of decriminalize abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. During a plenary session, a majority of votes were approved, a reform of the Penal code and the state health law, with which abortion is legalized. The debate took place between students of the school ISAAC Pitman and corresponds even student exercise, however the students offered various arguments, some in favor and others against this situation. The discussion brought to the table the issue of women being able to make a decision about whether or not to interrupt their pregnancy, without having to face a legal process.

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According to information published by the Journal of Coahuila, Wendy Huerta said that it is a right for women to be able to decide freely on their bodies. So he criticized the stance of conservative groups that oppose the legalization of the abortoEse group of people «are only against, but they have not been seen to take care of adopting children who are in orphanages, home homes and even those who walk in the street , «he said.

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