translated from Spanish: Carmen Hertz: «Curious dictatorship of Venezuela that leaves Guaidó to walk in Caracas»

Congresswoman Carmen Hertz had an intense debate in the program of TVN national state, particularly with Mauricio Rojas, «Convert» ex mir and once a fleeting minister of cultures. In the instance the parliamentary said «note that the dictatorship of Venezuela allows a subject like Guaidó, who has incited the coup d’etat, which is calling for military desertion, with very little success because they are already in the umpteenth attempt at coup d’etat, to walk through Caracas. Curious dictatorship. » Regarding America’s interference in the conflict indicated that «Now, did you know to whom the United States government appoints special manager for Venezuela? Elliott Abrams, a former convict in the Iran-Contra cause (in the Ronald Reagan administration), ideologue of all the paramilitary groups that committed the most brutal massacres in Central America. So you’re trying to tell me that Mr. Trump and his gang are the ones who lead the fight for democracy and human rights here in the region? Please. » I believe, deputy, that it is very clear who is with democracy and who is against it, said former minister Rojas, to which Hertz replied immediately: «Yes, it is very clear, people have it very clear, Mr. Rojas, very clear.» After new comments from Rojas against the PC the congresswoman said «Lord, do not insist again and do not be insolent, you are being insolent with a representative of the Communist Party of Chile, an absolutely Democratic party and was never financed for the Sedition, we were the favorite victims, Mr. Rojas. I do not accept this insolence. »

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