translated from Spanish: Drama in a San Juan amusement park: 31 people were hanged of a game

In an amusement park of San Juan 31 people lived a drama to be hanged of a game that suffered a malfunction for almost 5 hours. The rescue operative ended at 5.30 in the morning of Sunday. It is the Discovery pendulum, a machine similar to the hammer whose wheel has metal cages with 4 seats each, located in the so-called Hollywood Park.

The pendulum Discovery, the game that suffered the flaw in San Juan

Apparently, the structure would have been locked leaving the wheel more than 20 meters high and always spinning. Once the authorities managed to stop it, they proceeded to rescue, one by one, those who had been caught, some of them even upside down. The San Juan Fire Department activated an operation based on the use of a hydraulic arm and an inflatable mattress placed on the floor to avoid damage.

Women, men and children between 10 and 34 years old were panicked, some dehydration and some even showed signs of hypothermia during the time they were suspended. » So far we do not know the flaw, «said TN Carlos Poblete, firefighter of San Juan. «It was a rather complicated rescue because of the inclination that had just at that time the machine,» he added. A local media, the Daily Huarpe, broadcast live the operation and recorded how the specialists worked in the place of the events.
The last one to be rescued was Maximus, a 12-year-old boy. All people would be out of danger.

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