translated from Spanish: Escalation of violence in Gaza: Palestinians launch hundreds of rockets and Israel responds with bombings

Violence began on Friday when residents of Gaza They began to protest Israel’s controls over access to that territory, arguing to try to curb the flow of arms toward groups like Hamas.
On that day, an armed attacker shot and injured two Israeli soldiers who were standing by the border fence, to which Israel responded with an air strike in which two Palestinians were killed.
From Saturday, the Palestinian groups launched a rocket volley across the border.
Some of these were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system but others fell on homes located in several Israeli locations.
According to the Israeli army, Palestinian groups have launched about 600 rockets to Israel over the weekend, which have caused the deaths of four people.
Funeral of Moshe Agadi, one of the Israelis killed this weekend.
In the Israeli city of Ashkelon, citizens have been constantly alert to the fall of Palestinian rockets.
The Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, an Israeli town about 10 kilometres north of Gaza, said it had attended more than 100 civilians in the last 24 hours, of which three had died and three others were severely injured, including an old woman.
Selective murder
Israel meanwhile claims to have hit some 280 targets in the Gaza strip and threatens to do many more.
These actions have caused the death of at least 15 people, according to information from the Gaza Ministry of Health.
This calcined car, which apparently belonged to a Hamas militant, was one of the targets of Israel’s attacks on Sunday.
Two multi-storey buildings that, according to the Palestinians, were destroyed by Israel’s attacks.
The Israeli authorities, however, question the inclusion in this list of the death of a woman and her 14-month-old niece on Saturday because they claim that they died because of a Palestinian rocket that fell to the ground before reaching its true goal.
Israeli-bombed sites include a multi-storey building in Gaza City, in which, according to Israel, Hamas intelligence offices are located.
But the response of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has gone further by bombarding and killing Hamad al-Khodori, a Hamas commander accused of transferring funds from Iran to Palestinian militant groups.
A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry told the BBC that the attack on Al-Khodori was part of the effort to stop the launch of rockets from Gaza.
It is estimated that this is the first case of selective murder of a high-level Palestinian office that has been running Israel in Gaza for many years.

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