translated from Spanish: From the Nets to the bars: the gatherings of «Game of Thrones» and the massive fanaticism

Sunday arrives, but you know it’s not one more day of the week: It opens the fourth chapter of «Game of Thrones», which will retake the story after the long-awaited battle between alive and dead. But you know that you are not alone: that feeling that all fans and fanatics live every time the opening time is near the lives of hundreds of Argentinians and millions of people around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to be with someone who accompanies you to shout the victory of Arya as a goal, to live the emotion to flower of skin. In this context, and thanks to that the series was installed as one of the most functional cultural products of the time, hundreds of groups were created on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to debate, to chat, to cross thoughts of the series. But it also goes further: These exchanges are not only in the cyber and virtual plane, but many groups decided to put date and place to be able to see the series.  Precisely, in the context of the current economic situation, which hinders the access to the series, the bars opened their doors and they prepared so that nobody has to subscribe to any channel, but that they can meet to see it live in the place. In dialogue with Filo. News, the administrator of the Facebook group «Game of Thrones (Argentina)» and one of the owners of «Grasshoper Crafted Beer Bar» explained how it works all this phenomenon thought for the encounter and all the details to share this phenomenon Social. «HERE YOU SEE GOT»

Watching Game of Thrones at the bar Berlin House Beer 

That phrase writes the food places on the sidewalk board. Big screen, beer, rich food, everything you expect you can find in many of the bars in Buenos Aires, which are prepared every Sunday for the occasion. Among them are Bar El Flash, Vidon Bar, Temple, Beer Blood and Grasshoper Crafted Beer Bar. In dialogue with Filo. News Matías, the owner of the last site explained the initiative to summon hundreds of people for the series. «We decided to make it available because it seemed like a good way to attract people, and the patio we have is good for projecting images, series, movies, football games (…) We’re doing it every Sunday, «he declared. 
«People live the chapter with much anxiety, more than anything the last one that was decisive, people applauded, laughed, shouted. Live it in own flesh, «remarked the bar-owner.

«The concurrence exceeded expectations. It was good, the truth that the yard the three Sundays remained quite full, «he said and added,» People were hooked in spite of so many seasons and they are long chapters; People knew how to follow it and follow the thread. » The place is prepared in the same way, the difference is that the projector is mounted with a screen that puts the in patio, there are two promotions of burgers and special paints for the date, which help people not spend so much, «he said.

Posters on the Sidewalk | Photo: Twitter @gbeder

Finally, he said: «There is always unity between friends, family, it is nice to share chopped or something together. It matters The Sunday schedule in which the program is passed, which is good. » NETWORKS: A SPACE FOR CALL

The Internet, as the great social space it represents, allows the connection of people from different parts of the world; Even send a message to the favorite actors and actresses, comment on a photo or some posting. But, as we said, there’s no need to do it alone. And Ernesto Bourdon, the owner of the group «Game of Thrones (Argentina)», is very clear: summoned an event to see the next episode on Sunday 5 May. «The meeting was to summon people with common interests and to share experiences and talks, to laugh for a while and to live the same sensations.» According to commented, 95% of the social circle of the members of the group do not see the series, then they do not understand the emotion. The gatherings would come to occupy that emptiness. «It is quite the call also in the meetings in bars, sometimes it exceeds the capacity of people and some are left out. The group fulfills the function of being a channel to bring people together, «he explained. The furor at world level is quite, is much greater than the effect that have the movies Cinematograficas-said refrain-also plays an important role in Marketing. As he acknowledged, at the time of meeting another to talk about the series is that there are more topics of conversation, which can be extended for hours. «Many theories are shared because you have series and books.» Thanks to the cultural globalization that generated a dependency of the series, many fanatics find the way to be able to follow the history from the use of the social networks and the consumption in the different bars of the city, that it builds an economic business but Also a social phenomenon that was installed and does not intend to stop. 
In a bar, with family, with friends: «Game of Thrones» is a phenomenon to see in company. And you, how do you see the series?
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