translated from Spanish: MACRI: “It would be easy to use all the resources to create a false growth climate”

In coincidence with the speech given last Tuesday 30th in Ensenada, President Mauricio Macri shared a writing on his social networks ratifying his political-economic stance and questioning that of the Kirchner government. Under the title “The Dilemma: to do the easy wrong or the difficult thing”, in which the Argentine President maintains that “it would be very easy to use all the resources that we have-that are few-and spend them in fomenting consumption to create a false climate of growth” but “to make Something’s really hard. ”
“It is easy to spend a point of GDP to create an illusion that lasts a while but whose consequences then explode in all directions”

In the anteroom of the inauguration of the Mitre Viaduct and compared with Venezuela through, the leader of the PRO took advantage to criticize the previous management: “It is easy to paint the facade of a building to inaugurate it using the national chain and leave it all rotten for In. It is easy, we saw it for years and we live so far the destructive consequences of taking that shortcut. What’s left of doing things like that? A country with millions of people who have no sewers. ”
The text ends up recognizing the dilemma in determining “what kind of person we are. Are we the ones who believe that things are easy and we seek immediate results even if they are false; Or are we who know that doing something, however small or big, is complex, but that will make us better, more powerful and more free? ” In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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