translated from Spanish: Mirtha Legrand, on the government: «I have been disappointed, I feel ripped off»

Less than a week after the statements about Cristina Kirchner that generated controversy, Mirtha Legrand spoke of politics during his night program, «The Night of Mirtha Legrand.» He was one of his guests, the journalist Marcelo Polino, who brought up the matter: «I am telling Mirtha the mess that was put together with what he said on Saturday here.» Another of the diners, Lia Salgado, asked what had happened. » I said that the country was very bad, very bad and that, according to the surveys, gave it to the winner Cristina, «explained the driver. And he went on: «I did a lot for this government to win, I was very disappointed, me and a lot of people. Have thrown overboard a wonderful opportunity they had had, and we have come to this pitiful state. »

«I feel like I’m ripped off. My production gets nervous when I talk about these things, «he threw at the glances and comments behind the camera. In addition, he criticized that Mauricio Macri’s management «has wrongly promoted what he has done» and that they have «a bad diffusion». >

As for his previous statements about the former president, the diva of the lunches noted that «there was no call» as a reproach and that for her there is no third option: «Cristina o Macri». In this note:

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