translated from Spanish: Smart wheelchair arrives in Mexico from the hand of Chilean entrepreneur

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around D 15% of the world publication has a physical disability. In Mexico, this figure exceeds 6 million people, being a market with a lot of growth in the area.
With that in mind, Kiron-Chilean entrepreneurship that develops technological solutions for people with disabilities or reduced mobility-has just opened office in Mexico CITY, projecting sales for USD 1 million in 2019.
After five years of life-Kiron was born in 2014, after its founders lived in first person different experiences as Telethon volunteers-this business has reached notoriety thanks to its creations, which particularly highlights the intelligent chair «GetUp», an instrument that allows people to stand back and «Akiles», the first robotic exoskeleton of rehabilitation in South America.
In this scenario, in April 2019-After months of conversations with potential allies and a post-softlanding in Mexico-the venture opened a commercial office in the DF, where after a good reception projected the sale of more than 600 units in the first Year of operation in the North American country.
Juan Pablo Rodríguez, its founder and general manager, explains that they are «very happy to open our office in Mexico. To achieve this we have managed to close agreements with very good partners, in fact thanks to that the first units of GetUp are already being marketed there and we projected sales for USD 1 million in the first 12 months of international presence »
GetUp is a wheelchair that was designed with a modern electromechanical system and an ideal tailoring for urban displacement with attractive design and functionality that allows the user to perform very well in his day to day.

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