translated from Spanish: The church supported the consensus the Government is seeking with the opposition

The call that the Government urged to reach a consensus with the opposition received the approval of the church. This was made clear by the Archbishop of Rosario, Eduardo Martín, after the visit of a first group of Argentine bishops with Pope Francis in the Vatican. That is the maturity that we claim as citizens, as Christians, to the political leadership, especially considering that the problems have not been solved either with a government of a sign or with a government of another sign, «said Martín.
In addition, in dialogue with the newspaper La Nación, the president of the Episcopal Catholic Education Commission also suggested promoting «a table» of dialogue to find «as broad a consensus as possible». Although he acknowledged that «that requires an intelligent and humble effort to say that the problems have not been solved» because «the structural poverty in Argentina twenty or thirty years ago that is and we have not solved.» Beyond praising this initiative to the dialogue, the Archbishop of Rosario criticized the economic becoming of the country. «There is an economic process that seemed to want to be overcome and has been disarmed,» he said. In this note:

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