translated from Spanish: They cite the Superintendent of pensions to the Working Commission to clarify new parameter adjustments in the profitability of the pensions

After the application of the Superintendency of pensions to the AFP, to adjust the profitability to the estimates of the retirements of Chile and Chileans, the deputy Raúl Soto, announced that it will quote the Superintendent to the commission of work as soon as possible. This, to “clarify the situation” and “Transparent what will be the direct consequences in the pensions of the people who are about to retire.”
“It has transcended during the last days that this update in the parameters of profitability projected in the pension funds, could lower the retirements by 25%, that is completely worrying because it is a direct request of the Superintendence to the AFP and as Chairman of the Committee on Labour I believe that this situation needs to be explained and detailed as soon as possible, ‘ said Deputy Soto.
It should be noted that the request was sent through a report, in February of this year from the Superintendency to the pension administrators, whose request was mainly to update the parameters of profitability.
In this regard, the Chairperson of the Labour Committee expressed concern at the requested measure, since “according to these new projections, the young people most affected in the future with considerably lower retirements would be, since a 30-year-old man He could receive 27% less pension after this correction, while a woman who is now 30 years old would receive 22% less than scheduled before these adjustments in the future.
Finally, Soto explained that he will quote the Superintendent to clarify what has been arranged in the report delivered in February this year, because “as reported by the Superintendence itself, this is only for the purposes of the pension projections used both in The pension simulator of the SP as in the simulators of the administrators, however, this must be clarified as soon as possible and explained before the Committee of work and the citizenship. It is not possible that these kinds of changes would affect the future pensions of people in such a way and less by an average of 20%. ”

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