translated from Spanish: Two men killed in Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan, Michoacán.-Two men were deprived of the life to bullets, event happened this Sunday in the streets of the colony Fovissste, located in this city Uruapan, as transcended in the coverage of the news.
The assassins were on board a motorcycle, according to what was referred to by witnesses of the facts to the police. Everything happened on the street Vienna, where the aggrieved repair a van, however at a certain time to the site came the gunmen, who without a word shot with firearms repeatedly against those affected.
The criminals took to the escape on the motorcycle they were carrying and the people who witnessed the criminal event asked for help to the number of emergencies 911. In minutes, local paramedics came to the site who reviewed the aggrieved and confirmed that no longer had vital signs. The public security personnel then took care to agree on the area in attachment to the chain of custody.
To say of police commandos, it is presumed that the aggression is related to the struggle that they have criminal groups for the control of the illicit activities in the region. This Sunday, the prosecutor of Michoacán, Adrián López Solís, told the press that the recent acts of violence in the different parts of the state are precisely because of the disputes between criminal cells.

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