translated from Spanish: Abbott reverses and leaves out the questioned agreement with the Episcopal conference

Just 6 days the agreement signed between the conference lasted Episcopal and the public Ministry for the collaboration in the investigations for cases of sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church.
On Monday, the national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, left the Convention uneffected, which was severely criticized by the victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy. The agreement signed on April 30th also caused noise within the Public Prosecutor’s office and even in the church and its close. In fact, the prosecutors ‘ Association said that the Convention «was a mistake that must be corrected quickly», while at the level of the clergy, there were congregations, like the Jesuits, who refused in the first instance to sign it. On a political level, parliamentarians had announced the subpoena of the national prosecutor to Congress to give explanations.
Therefore, the statement issued by the Prosecutor’s office states that «after receiving and listening to various groups of victims, the national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, decided to leave the collaboration agreement signed on April 30th with the Episcopal conference (CECH )».
He adds that «while the purpose of the Convention was to generate a channel of access to justice for those victims who denounce within the church, extending the legal standard established and ensuring the confidentiality of the victims in the event that they Required, the national prosecutor’s Office deeply regrets that the signing of the document, as a symbolic act, has generated mistrust and produced a painful impact on the victims, a situation that was neither foreseen nor desired by the institution. »
Once the convention was cancelled, reactions on social networks were positive. For the exfiscal Carlos Gajardo, it is a «correct decision of the prosecutor. The signing of this Convention was unpresentable, contravened legal provisions and gave a sign of privilege in the deal. Now to the point: to advance the investigations for possible abuses committed by members of the church. »
Meanwhile, deputy DC Matías Walker highlighted the work of the victims of Karadima and the foundation for confidence in the disarticulation of the agreement. «Congratulations @VinkaJackson @YverYactuar @JosAndrsMurillo @jccruzchellew and all the survivors who with very good arguments persuaded to leave a questionable agreement between the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Episcopal Conference. We will continue to support them. »

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