translated from Spanish: Affects fire hills in Chilpancingo

Chilpancingo, Guerrero.-A fire has affected more than 24 hours at least three hills near Chilpancingo, so firefighters, Civil protection personnel, and the National Forestry Commission, as well as elements of the Army and State Police (CONAFOR) already perform Work.

The fire that has devastated 600 hectares of shrubs, wild palms and pastures is located in the vicinity of the dirt road that connects the community of El Calvario.

This forest casualty and three others that are active in this area have caused a dense smoke in this capital.

Some firefighters in the municipality and state Civil protection who carry out the tasks to control the fire complained about the lack of equipment.

We lack cars pump to carry water and in a personal way we lack tools

It was observed that many of the firefighters were not wearing boots or even lids.

Residents of the Zinna colony, were organized to collect water and cakes to bring them to the fire fighters.

«The fire started three days ago, but it began to suffocate until this Monday afternoon,» said a neighbor.

Valver Damián, director of Civil Protection of the municipality, said that due to the smoke that caused this fire, the city Council of this capital made the environmental declaration.

The smoke can cause respiratory and eye diseases, said the official.

Residents of popular colonies that are a few kilometres away from the sinister claim the inaction of the government of Hector Astudillo.

They called for a helicopter to be used in the fire-suffocation tasks or two to throw water discharges on the point where the claim is.

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