translated from Spanish: Citizens protest in March of silence

Jesús Pérez is an American citizen of Mexican descent, whose family lives in Salamanca, in the central state of Guanajuato. Last May 1 was his 26th birthday and his uncle Eduardo was on April 5, so they agreed to meet with the family in Mexico to celebrate both. On the morning of the 6th they went to meet some people who would offer a van for sale, and said that by noon they would be back.
Noon passed and the mother of Jesus called them to know why they were late, but on the phones of both the call was going to the mailbox. When the night came up and they did not appear, the family decided to make a complaint to activate their search, but the response they received in the Public Prosecutor’s office was “you must go with the telephone companies, look for where the last sign was.”
The Delgado Prieto family has been looking for Jesus and Eduardo for a month, without any clue or official response so far. For this reason, when they heard about the call to protest in various cities of the country against the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, they did not hesitate to take advantage of this forum to denounce the disappearance of their relatives.
“We have come to advertise this disappearance but the government is deaf. It is inhumane that we are being pointed out as Fifís disparagingly because we protest. We are a conservative but the reality is that we are Mexicans who fulfill our obligations and try to overcome. This is the real Mexico, we know that there is no magic wand but we also want you to be aware and responsible for everything you say, “said political Animal Adam Gonzalez, cousin of Jesús Pérez and nephew of Eduardo Delgado.
The march of Silence was convened by a group called ‘ waistcoats Mexico ‘ for several Mexican cities to protest the policies that have implemented the Government of Lopez Obrador in its first five months of government. In previous editions of this March, the Today President has disqualified the attendees for allegedly being a privileged social class, calling them “Fifís”, “Pirrurris” or “conservatives”. In the demonstration this Sunday, social networks were the stage for the disqualification of this movement.
The founder of the vests, Homero Velázquez, explained that the initial motivation of this disagreement was the cancellation of the project of the new airport of Mexico City (NACIM), however, throughout these months have been added reasons to protest. Among them, the disappearance of Jesus and Edward, who moved his family to participate for the first time in a march.
He even moved Mrs. Gloria Prieto, grandmother of Jesus, to move to Mexico City and March-also for the first time and with 72 years of age-from the monument to independence to the revolution, demanding that some authority investigate the disappearance Of his son and grandson.
“I ask the government, especially the lawyer López Obrador to put letters in the matter, to stop talking about doctrines in the morning, that requires public ministries to devote to investigate so much disappearance, so much crime,” said Mrs. Prieto Medina.
After the march, he reported that the day of the disappearance the family filed the complaint and the research folder was sent to the investigative agency number 8 of Irapuato, where to date they have not given any news. She and her daughter have been on pilgrimage through agencies of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for forensic Services in the guanajuatenses cities of León and Irapuato, as well as in Michoacan Morelia, without a single indication of the whereabouts of their relatives to date.
“I came specifically to the march because I feel the pain of my son and my grandson, who meet a month of missing. We demand that you put these people to work as they should be, “added the mother and grandmother of the disappeared.
Adam indicated that his family immediately exhausted all resources at hand: formal complaints, search; Trades to President López Obrador, Governor of Guanajuato (Diego Sinhue), prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa and even the U.S. Embassy, for being a citizen of that country. The response of the Procurator’s Office, according to his account, was “as you look for where the last sign was, go to the companies.”
Delgado Prieto considers this response to be an insult and an undignified treatment. “My grandmother is suffering a lot from the disappearance of my uncle, we are all very dismayed, our life changed dramatically. It is not a question of political parties but of principles and we want a better Mexico, and enough of divisions, that we tache to the families victims of insecurity as Conservative, because beyond our beliefs or ideologies, we are Mexicans, “he pointed out Adam Gonzalez.
Like that family, there were other people who attended the march to claim a direct affect, such as the shortage of medicines in public hospitals and the lack of medical personnel to serve them. Among the demonstrators were several people in wheelchairs and even a man marched with his oxygen tank. All screaming “So no, AMLO”, “Out AMLO”; Singing the song ‘ Cute honey ‘ and throwing batons for Mexico.
Another of the older people who walked those 2.4 miles is Patricia Hernandez, director of a basic education campus. The teacher went on to protest the educational reform of López Obrador, which reverses the reform approved during the administration of his predecessor, Enrique Peña and hardened the evaluations to the teachers.
The director said she is against having changed votes for the quality of education in the country, which she described as corruption. “Having given back to corrupt teachers the educational system is not worth it. How are we going to have a quality education with unprepared teachers? Impossible, “said the professor to this medium.
He added that his magisterial career amounted to 54 years and is still studying for teacher evaluations, so it is not wrong to demand that teachers be evaluated, as the opponents of the reform of Peña Nieto point out. “I have presented the exams and I have passed them, it is nothing that cannot be passed,” he said.
The teacher walks with a cane, but denies that it has been tiring to march under the Sun Ray this Sunday. “There is not a pain or a nuisance when it comes to working for Mexico,” he said.
The callers to the ‘ March of Silence ‘ argued that this mobilization aimed to visualize the thousands of opponents to the project of government of López Obrador, and announced that they will continue the protests if it does not change the situation of insecurity, lack of Jobs, mass layoffs, untransparent public consultations and disqualifications to the press.    
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