translated from Spanish: Director general of PDI investigated for alleged irregularities

After a report in The Clinic, the Metropolitan prosecutor’s office is investigating a complaint filed against the Director general of the investigating police (PDI), Héctor Espinosa, for alleged irregularities. The complaint was filed by a former official who accused, in the first instance, about a few days of arrest that had the maximum head of the PDI in 1980 and that do not appear on his resume. It is also alleged that once the office was assumed, the Comptroller detected the purchase of a Hyundai-branded vehicle of 60 million pesos for use and also that were purchased 20 Nissan trucks. In neither of the two cases was justification given as to why these vehicles were incorporated. In addition, the complaint is accused of irregularities in travel and per diem that were acquired by Espinosa and in which, according to the complaint, there were stays for more days than the stipulated and changes in the tickets already bought. From the government came out to answer the information. In this sense, the undersecretary for crime prevention, Katherine Martorell, “there is a complaint filed in connection with the complaint. That lawsuit was brought to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is leading an investigation. Therefore, what is appropriate is to wait for the result of it and not hinder it in any way. ”

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