translated from Spanish: Filo. Docs: What is gordofobia and why are we against it?

We live in a world that tells us, always, that fatness, being a risk factor, is the worst thing that can happen to your body. For years we have replicated and exercised violence by discriminating against those who do not have a hegemonic body and we also pursue the ideal body. As his word indicates, the ideal far is of the real. Our Latin American culture has a diversity of shapes and colors that are far from the hairless, blond and stylized model that has always shown us advertising. But what is Gordofobia? The concept is relatively new in our history as it dates back to the 70 years in the United States, where GORDX activism took place and where it developed more strongly. In our country this concept grows slowly and today, 2019, is booming. This word seeks to challenge the whole of society and curb the violence and discrimination suffered by people with fat bodies. But not only that, also deconstruct and disarm the thousands of trauma and eating disorders that generates this rejection in our own body. From Filo. News We believe the debate is necessary and this documentary seeks to challenge and run the focus of fatness and place it in society which is the one that, through a rather sinister machinery, teaches and indoctrinates discriminate against bodies that do not fit the norm. Although the fatness can become a health problem (not always and not in all cases), with this documentary we seek to destigmatize it. Because not every fat body is sick and because the psyche is key within a person’s holistic health. To be discriminated against, violent and self-esteem, generates complexes, anxiety and other possible very complex eating disorders. The artist Miss Bimbo, the illustrator Lia Copello, the DJ and activist Ana Longue, the director of the first model agency plus zise, Sam Alonso, the models Beltran Horisberger and Yesica Reyes, along with the dancer Emiliano Medina and the publicist Santiago Olivera, We analyze and disarm this concept. 

Original source in Spanish

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