translated from Spanish: Is school life a challenge for our times?

A few days ago we received very harmful news about Of the episodes of aggression among students, threats to teachers, fear, anger, bewilderment, even to astonishment. It seems that the great efforts of policies referring to the healthy coexistence of school, were not bearing fruit. It then becomes a challenge, not only for the educational sphere but also for all.
Being very unfortunate news I wonder if it will be a majority of students, teachers or parents who are mired in the spiral of aggression. No doubt no, there is a greater amount that wants peace, but then why not be noticed? Perhaps because today we are more individualistic, less collective and therefore more competitive, denying others, which is not to worry about what happens to the other. When I convert I try to impose to win. How then to address this challenge?
In schools, internal regulations should consider the opinion of their students, teachers, families, so as to agree on rules and actions in the face of the consequences of the acts that each one commits. But it is necessary to listen to the student, the proxy, the colleague; In doing so valid as a legitimate other, I am respecting their ideas even if you do not agree, so you enter into a dialogue in which confidence is restored, spaces are created to look, understand and work together.
When collaboration appears, it immediately removes competitiveness and flourishes team values. So the teacher or proxy when listening and using a language of respect generates transformations, as the student feels recognized and loved. And every human being who is attracted to affection, becomes that coexistence, as Maturana says. The challenge is not in politics, it is in that adults are referents of empathic and collaborative attitudes that look at the common good. The challenge then is for parents and teachers.

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