translated from Spanish: «It is a stubborn government»: the 10 phrases of Massa after his dialogue with MACRI

Amid the repercussions of the Government’s intention to reach an agreement with the opposition, Sergio Massa broke the silence after his conversation with Mauricio Macri. Through an extensive Facebook publication, the leader of the Federal Alternative issued a CO Municado entitled «Argentina needs State policies, not electoral marketing», in which it criticized the official because of the economic crisis that crosses the country and the delay in the call for dialogue with the opposition.
The 10 phrases of Sergio Massa
-«The country is going through a serious crisis because of MACRI’s failure. We do not fail Argentines; They failed him, his government and his policies (…) It’s a stubborn government, that repeats over and over again: ‘ There is no other way, it is here ‘, but we know that there is another way of doing things, that there are other solutions, that there is alternative. ‘-‘ We propose a series of commitments to defend Argentina, a point of Departure for dialogue, debate and consensus on the State policies that the country needs to resolve the emergencies of the present and face the challenges of the future «.-» Argentina needs a minimum programme so that economic deterioration does not lead to Argentina to a default before the electoral process, so that the crisis does not become a disaster «.-» dialogue is not done through press leaks; And the agreements are not built by WhatsApp «.-» the government continues to generate mistrust, when what the Argentines and Argentines need is totally the opposite: trust, certainty and predictability; And he still does not admit his mistakes, his failure «.-» The government has no will to correct the course, just wants us to take charge of its failure. «-» are not proposals for real and concrete policies, do not seek to solve the urgency of Argentina, but avoid The debate «.-» There will be no agreement, there will be no exit from the crisis, we will not have real solutions to the problems of the Argentines, if much of the Congress does not participate and if a large portion of the society does not feel represented. «-» This agreement must provide security and Predictability about the future of Argentine politics, yes, but fundamentally focusing on immediate and urgent measures to alleviate the serious economic and social situation of the majority of Argentines «.-» It is our duty and responsibility to leave the Differences and prejudices back and put us to work together for Argentina. Argentina needs state policies, not electoral marketing. »

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