translated from Spanish: K-Pop triumphs in Mexico City with its music

The K-pop was made present in a massive way in the Mexican capital thanks to the presentation of the Snuper group, as part of the closing of the K-Pop dance Festival. The BlackBerry Auditorium rumbled the first few minutes of the 18:00 hours this Sunday, with themes like «Tulip», «Wonderland», among others. Cries and applause on the part of the 1800 people present were not made to wait; At the time of seeing the faces of the members of Snuper, Sangil, Taewoong, Woosung, Sebin, who at all times smiled.

The group on the stage/reform agency

I am very happy to be here because I did not imagine that the Mexicans were so passionate, said his on the floorboard.

«People as beautiful as the Mexican public are the best. I want to be here forever. Mexico, I love you, «added Sebin.

The music continued, «The Star of Stars» resounded in the place, as well as «starry Winter Night» and «You In My Eyes», with which they concluded their brief concert. In addition to music, the show was complemented with general information about Korea and Japan, both its culture, food, diversity and clothing. Prior to the musical spectacle, Snuper witnessed a dance competition starring 13 groups.
The band, formed in 2015, served as judge and crowned Main Event, a group that was placed in the first place of the Festival, creditor for economic prizes and a trip all paid to Japan, in order to represent Mexico in a world dance competition.

Snuper said he will soon return to the country with presentations and new material. «We have a goal especially for Mexico.

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