translated from Spanish: Master scam will be investigated as organized crime: FGR

The attorney General’s office (FGR) restructures The investigation of the master scam as organized crime and not as isolated cases.
In press conference to give a balance for its first 100 days of work, the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero said that the organization of the network that allowed the diversion of more than 5.8 billion of pesos “can not be product of 23 isolated cases” and can be treated more bi In a possible state crime.
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He explained that on this case there are 21 processes initiated; 5 linkages to process; 2 pending Hearings 2, and 4 pending research folders.
“It should have been investigated from the outset the hypothesis of collusion to organize a huge looting from power and it will be necessary to restructure everything from the perspective of organized crime and possibly was covered by the state,” said the prosecutor.
Eleven federal government agencies granted illegal contracts to 186 companies, many of them phantoms, through public universities that were in charge of subcontracting services.
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He stressed that the mechanism applied in the master scam “has been known for years because it was said by the Federation’s Superior audit, so it was necessary to have seriously investigated what had been reported for years.”
On the few linkages to process that have been obtained, said that they “have fallen by weak investigations of beginning or criteria of very strict judges”.
On the case of Odebrecht stated that it was the then procurator General of the Republic (PGR) that initiated the investigation in 2017 without giving results to the date, reason why, the FGR has spared in good part the whole process, and in a lapse of no more than 60 days “be judicial Raise the case under the Organized crime hypothesis. ”
With regard to Ayotzinapa’s investigation, he reported that the prosecution will reestablish the investigation procedure in all that is necessary to clarify the facts.
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As of the investigation of the explosion of Tlahuelilpan, where 132 people died, the FGR has made 138 interviews, 117 expert opinions, and has established a chronological sequence of events.  
According to the prosecutor, they already identified those who summoned the people to the site of the sinister explosion and those who caused fire, although “there are still discrepancies”. In this case the FBI will be supported and the Pemex protocols will also be investigated.
Unsolved folders, impunity and anti-corruption
As part of his report, the Prosecutor reported that upon his arrival at the unit he found a backlog of 300,000 inquiries and unsolved folders and there was no follow-up mechanism.
Said that there were 21000 warrants unfulfilled by the police of the former PGR and over 3000 opinions of experts lagging behind.
He noted that the total number of offences, only 5% are federal law and the remaining 95% of the common law, and that their dependence has assumed the cases that correspond to them.
As for the number of elements recorded 4000 policemen who had at his service the PGR, of which only 800 were used as escorts or to protect facilities, but not to investigate.
“We also found unjustified and useless expenses on a per diem support services (…) Lack of control in the use of more than 4000 vehicles with a significant number of armoured cars (…) irrational use of the air fleet and purchase of aircraft at inflated prices, he said.
To address this backlog, in addition to another 30000 new allegations, the FGR has created the unique model of Parts officer in all its areas. In addition to implementing a system of evaluation of results to detect delays or deviations in functions of the Public Ministry when attending folders and supervisors can intervene to correct.
These measures will make better control of officials attending cases for monitoring and evaluations.
In other areas, the attorney general reported that from 1 December to date, the federal government has filed 12000 allegations of possible corruption, of which more than 400 cases have been judicializado with more than 620 detainees.
With regard to austerity, a thousand high level places were eliminated useless or unjustified in the FGR, thus achieving a savings of 564 million pesos, compared to the previous year.
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