translated from Spanish: Nicole Neumann on the video of Mica Viciconte and Cubero: «We are great»

Mica Viciconte recorded a video in which is seen to the rhythm of «G point» the theme of Karol G, along with his current partner, Fabián Cubero. To advance the release of the clip, the model raised an advance to its social networks.

«I got a little handle so I show you a little bit of what you are going to see next week…», he said in his official account of Instagram.La news circulated on social networks, until Nicole Neumann, who was consulted on the subject. Like mom, what’s the matter with the girls ‘ dad showing up doing this video? «, the challenged Andrea Campbell in» us in the Morning «, program that is now driven by the chicken Alvarez.
«We know what are the WhatsApps of Mommies and parallels,» continued the panelist to further investigate the issue. Nicole replied, «As long as they are not things that expose my daughters to others, or use them to win followers or public comments, I’m not really interested at all. Nor does it affect me. » Regarding the rumors that can circulate through the chats of mothers and fathers, the model argued that it is not given in the school they attend. «Fortunately, I don’t know if it’s the cute school that touched them, they don’t get any of this. Nor do they watch TV, more than the animated cartoons, «he commented.

To conclude, he said he will not reveal his thoughts. «Those are already personal expressions that I am not going to express publicly,» he mentioned and acknowledged: «We are great, we are not twenty years old.» I’ve done dances working but not so much, «added differing of Mica Viciconte and his recent production. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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