translated from Spanish: No one was indifferent in RN: deputies await tomorrow explanations of Eduardo Durán

The Deputy of national renewal, Eduardo Durán, lives time s keys. Amid the questioning of his heritage, donations by his father and a series of misplaced verbal counseling, this Tuesday will be held accountable to the press.
The congressman resumed his legislative work on Monday, and at the exit of the Working Committee session he said that tomorrow will clarify all the doubts. “I had planned this Tuesday to give a comprehensive interview to answer the questions that the press required of me,” he said at the headquarters of the Congress in Santiago. Durán has been immersed in a complex panorama for weeks, after it was revealed that his father, former Bishop Eduardo Durán, is investigated by the Public Ministry for the Laundering of assets, due to the personal use that opened given to the tithes delivered to the Evangelical Church by The parishioners.
A case that directly involved him, after it was revealed that the deputy received a “allowance” of $4.4 million from his father, which could have been financed with the funds of the tithe. The deputy changed his estate statement to Congress four times, as he had left out his father’s donations and a property that the former bishop had given him.
Eduardo Durán has a deadline until this Wednesday to give to the ethics and Transparency Commission a series of documents that support his patrimony, and he must clarify the omission of the donations and the property in his declaration. This, because the Commission opened an investigation against it after these reports were known in the press.
But this is not all. His father’s donations could cost him an investigation for “Cofacto without consideration.” According to the third, the Public Prosecutor’s office would include the case of Durán in the investigation by external consultancies in Congress. In view of this information, the parliamentarian indicated that “I have not been summoned, nor have I any knowledge of any investigation carried out by the prosecution with my person.”
Another possible edge was relieved by Deputy Pablo Vidal (RD), who pointed out to Radio Bío Bío that it is not possible to rule out that the funds donated by the former bishop to his son may have financed the Durán campaign for congressman, in the elections of 2017.
It should be remembered that Duran was not the favorite of RN to dispute the elections in the District 13, and that it left out of the Congress to Macarena Donoso, the letter chosen by the party of Mario Desbordes to integrate the list by that zone. As published by the counter, inside the party itself existed resentment by the campaign of Duran, which according to the Servel had incomes and expenses for more than $64 million.
In its declaration, donations are detailed by use of a car, counted in a contribution for $6 million, a self-donation of $14 million, in addition to private contributions by $5.5 million. One of his donors, who appears in the surrender to Servel, is the real estate investor, Rodrigo López, who pointed to the counter that he did not remember contributing to the campaign of Duran.
In view of this information, Congressman Durán stated that his “declaration in the Servel was approved and endorsed. There are all the backgrounds available for those who need to investigate, always in the face of citizenship, and the answer that whatever is required, at the time will be given. ”
As if this were not enough, the investigation carried out by the Ethics commission could be extended, according to the president of the instance, Bernardo Berger (RN). The MP explained to the counter that the Broad Front MP, Gael Yeomans, entered a recourse to the ethics Commission in order to investigate another edge of his case, the $7.7 million who paid for verbal advice to Lidia Garriga, mother of her secretary. The information was revealed by the second during the district week.
The topic of verbal counseling is one of the most complicated to Duran, since the Chamber of Deputies could audit the expenses of deputy RN, which could open a judicial edge different from the contributions of his father.
This has caused “noise and annoyance” to the interior of National renewal, because all the parliamentarians of the party had been warned about the use of this type of consultancy, those that had been previously questioned after the outbreak of the case of The consultants Copy Paste. In Congress they recognize that there was an instruction from the party to “be careful” with the surrender of verbal counseling, and “external consultancies in general.”
Questioning in RN
In national renewal The spirits have not managed to calm down. The silence of Duran “has caused resentment”, recognizes a leader of the party and emphasizes that the deputy “has not given answers to the internal”, although it has been two weeks since the case of his father was uncovered.
In addition, criticism has arisen in the banking of the party’s handling of the case, as there has been no official meeting with parliamentarians, except for the information given by Deputy Bernardo Berger on 24 April, on behalf of the Ethics Commission of the camera.
The criticisms have echoed among the RN authorities in Congress, which is why the party president, Mario Desbordes and the president of the bank, Alejandro Santana, would meet this Monday afternoon to address the conflict.
On Tuesday, after Duran talks to the press, the bench has its traditional weekly lunch, there is expected that one of the points to deal is the case of the member, although it is not confirmed his assistance, as traditionally the parliamentarian does not attend the Meetings of the bench.
The MPs and parliamentarians of RN hope to “listen to the version of Durán of first source”, since the deputy has not communicated with his companions of bench since he asked for the permission without salary two weeks ago.
One of the most complicated with the case would be the President of the party, Mario Desbordes, who would have been one of the main drivers of the power that has been taking the iron circle of the Duran family in national renovation, which is led by the deputy Eduardo Durán and Cristián Nieto, former candidate for deputy who is currently working at the Social Welfare Institute.

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