translated from Spanish: Palestinians announce ceasefire agreement with Israel

The Palestinian authorities in the Gaza strip announced and Ste Mon A ceasefire agreement with Israel, after a weekend where there were at least 27 dead after a series of attacks, the largest armed escalation since the invasion of the strip, in 2014. With the mediation of Egypt, the parties agreed to silence the weapons from 4.30 hours (1.30 GMT).
The Palestinian rockets and the Israeli attacks in retaliation that shook the enclave from Saturday-caught between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea-and Israeli cities near Gaza ceased before sunrise, after two days of tension in which 23 Palestinians and four people were killed on the Israeli side.
A representative of Islamic Jihad said that the truce agreement was based on a relaxation of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza strip. Among the measures accepted would be a relief from fishing limits, he said, and improvements in the electricity and fuel situation in the strip. Wisam Zoghbar, the representative of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said in a statement that the agreement establishes the cessation of Israel’s attacks on Gaza.
Dead Children and women
While the Israeli authorities have not publicly referred to the issue, the armed forces said that the restrictions imposed on the southern border areas with the strip were lifted. According to Israeli sources, more than 650 rockets and other projectiles were fired from Gaza, 150 of which were intercepted by the «Steel Dome» anti-missile system.
Israel said it had attacked more than 350 targets of Hamas and Islamic Jihad throughout the Gaza strip, primarily targeting rocket manufacturing workshops, weapons warehouses, military positions and bases, as well as a tunnel of Islamic Jihad to Israel and Buildings hosting Hamas offices. Of the 23 Palestinians killed, 9 would be militia. However, there are also two pregnant women and several children killed by the attacks.

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