translated from Spanish: Pamela Leiva: «All the fat I had in the body was like a prison»

Pamela Leiva was in a new chapter of the «Divine food» of Chilevisión, where she shared with Álvaro López, Nicolás Saavedra and Isidora Urrejola. In the opportunity he discussed how his process was, after weighing more than 100 kilos. «Now I have a good vibe with the food, because I have gone through different stages after surgery. The weight gain was something I didn’t see. Like every year I was getting fatter a little bit more, and suddenly I saw myself… Because I was a skinny, normal kid. And when I left school, it was the muddy, «he said. And while he said that everything was «gradual», every time «the rebound was worse.» For the same reason, he said that he entered reality 1810 to operate, all this after having been stopped. » I start looking for work and they didn’t give me, they wouldn’t give me and they wouldn’t give me. And I’m going to work on Nana’s doors inside. And it was heavy for me, because I was working, studying, earning good money at that time, and then going to ask my mom to buy me hygienic towels again was like ‘ It can’t be, man, I didn’t study for this ‘. However, after taking the step and starting to lose weight, he said that everything was changing. «I felt that all the fat I had in my body was like a prison. I said, «I need to lose weight so I can live.» Today, he claims that having entered the reality was «the best decision» he took in his life. But there was also another factor that helped her. «The son of my boss, the Jimmy, who is my great friend, they practice the cabal. And it was my lifeguard in the middle of the ocean, «he said, assuring that when he was selected he thought of everything he had studied about the book,» I told ‘ Tate, thanks to this I’m going to get my surgery. I’ll pay for it, ‘ he recalled.

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