translated from Spanish: Satchel Paige for young people

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE). «Liquor commercials never show a drunk»… Trapichito.–or–or–or–or–or–my dear fellows, big league throwers….: Writes the more here, this old black, very concerned and counselor, because in the last 20 years has significantly reduced the time of the race. Many of the major league pitchers retire before the age of 30 or shortly after they have been there. I think at 30 should be one of the best conditions, both physical and mental. And nothing has to do with this opinion that I debuted in major leagues at 42 years, in 1948, or last launched the 59, in 1965. Those were a few days of a certain environment, which favoured me. First, the year before my debut they had introduced Jackie Robinson to the Dodgers, the first black Bigleaguer in the TWENTIETH century, then the story of my age became very popular, so the Kansas City team wanted to take advantage of that. Imagine, it appeared recorded as of 59 years in 65 and it was said that it was 10 years older. The truth was that at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, when I was born, in my hometown, Mobile, Alabama, black mothers did not care to register their children. Mom went to legalize my existence in 1906, four years after I was born in 1902. And for fear of being punished, she said that I was born on that date. So my last game in the majors was at 63 years old. It is possible that today’s variety of launches may damage arms ahead of time. Throughout my life as a launcher I used especially the straight and sometimes some change, but in the area of the home, where it hurt each batter. I mean, the type of launch was not important to me, but where the ball was passing over the home. Of course, now if you throw two seasons you’re already a millionaire. The most I got paid was 10000, 000 for a campaign. For that reason of the few income was that it threw all the year, wherever it needed a black on the mound. Watch your arm, big boys, Leroy. SCRAPs.-* * Jose Alhad says that one of the most emotional incidents of his life was Saturday. In the Monterrey Stadium, where the stars played, greeted the fans in the boxes, when a boy of about 9 years burst into tears, excited… * * The Reds left the outfielder, Matt Kemp, who three times went to the game of stars. Kemp, aged 34, remains on the injured list since a rib fracture was broken at the beginning of the season. * * The Dodgers spent the weekend in search of an outfielder right hitter, because A. J. Pollock was operated on the right elbow. Confirmed by the president, Andrew Friedman. They have outfielders, but left-handed batters. Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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