translated from Spanish: Secondary Eustace Buelna will have his roof

Marina, Sinaloa.-Eustace Buelna Secondary School will have a new roof, located in the sports field, where students take physical education classes, this work will have an investment of 900,000 pesos. It gave the checkered flag of beginning to the construction of a roof in the sport field, which will have an investment of 900,000 pesos and consists of 536 square meters of construction, a work coming from the branch 33 that comes to reinforce the hard work that makes Fortunato R Uíz Martínez, director of the secondary school, together with the staff, parents and students of this educational institution. The event was led by Mayor Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro, accompanied by municipal and educational authorities to the General Eustace Buelna High School. The city president expressed to the students, to be proud to have belonged To the educational site that was key piece of his academic training giving them testimony of struggle and work to the young and in turn with dynamics involving the students to be participants of the public management.

The roof will be built on the sports Court/photography: Courtesy

Noé Contreras Avendaño, secretary of the city council, said that the checkered flag of the work was given, so that it can begin as soon as possible. He also said that for the term of the work is commonly given three months, but for the moment this depends on the contact, and some other details that arise in the journey. » We hope that everything will come out in time and form, and that things will be done in the best possible way. The students of the school deserve to have the best tools, so that they only worry about studying and taking their subjects with the best average, «he quoted. Contreras Avendaño, confirmed and supported the mayor, regarding the amount that will be invested in the roof, which will be in the affirmative of 900,000 pesos. For his part Fortunato Ruíz Martínez, commented that for some months has been carrying out the development of this work. He said that everything is very well organized, also stressed that this work is for the benefit of the students.

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