translated from Spanish: Suspended: Prosecutor Emiliano Arias is separated from his duties while the administrative investigation is being carried out

The regional prosecutor of O´Higgins, Emiliano Arias, was Suspe Ndido of its functions, in the midst of the process of investigation of the allegations against him interposed by his subordinate, the prosecutor Sergio Moya.
The measure was adopted by the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott, in a «preventive» way while the administrative investigation is carried out in the hands of the regional prosecutor of Antofagasta, Alberto Ayala. The suspension was requested by Ayala, arguing that it is a «necessary» measure in order to ensure the proper collaboration of prosecutors and officials of the region in the investigation and not to jeopardize the success of it.
The determination was notified to Arias by a minister of faith around this noon in his office.
In practice, the suspension means that the criminal investigations currently assigned to Arias – such as those of sexual abuse committed by members of the Chilean church – will remain in the hands of the Deputy regional prosecutor, Javier von Bischoffshausen.
In addition, the Public Prosecutor’s Office established that the National Prosecutor’s specialised Unit for human rights, gender violence and sexual crimes will «reinforce and provide maximum support and advice to criminal investigations related to Sexual abuse investigations in tone to the Catholic Church, which are carried forward in the Regional prosecutor’s office of O’Higgins. »
It should be recalled that product of the allegations made by the Deputy Marauder of the zone, Sergio Moya, Arias is investigated administratively by Ayala and penalized by the Marauder of Magellan, Eugenio Campos, before whom it will have to provide statement tomorrow Tuesday in Imputed quality.
In particular, the prosecutor Moya points to Arias for four facts: traffic of influences in the Caval case, obstruction to the investigation against the investigation of the Minister of the Court of Appeals of Rancagua, Emilio Elgueta, concealment in the cause of the Municipal theatre of Rancagua and violation of secrecy by subtracting information from the database of the prosecutor’s office of O’Higgins that arrived at the hands of a person in Puerto Montt.

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