translated from Spanish: The best week to go for drinks in Buenos Aires: our recommended

Today begins the 2019 edition of the already consecrated cocktail week. You can see a complete list of the 66 bars participating in this note. But how we know that the time is little, and better to go out to have fun, we did the curator Chegusán of the events that we are most interested to attend. Chin Chin! MONDAY 6Negroni solidarioPor End We found a reason to take more than one negroni without guilt. In Mito they will be doing an event that joins the celebration for the 100 years of this classic cocktail with a solidarity cause. Today, from 20 to 24 hours. You will be able to enjoy the Negroni from its origins to its most current versions: Negroni Classic, Myth, Americano, Boulevardier, Sbagliato and Negroni by Mito Mercato. The best? Everyone will be at $100 and all the proceeds are donated to the NGO Food bank. What we call beating him on Monday. Myth Mercado-Soler 6036

TUESDAY 7Taller of cocktails and coffee who said you can not drink coffee post 5 in the afternoon? In this workshop, a barista and a barmaid will teach you how and why coffee and cocktails are perfect for each other. It is dictated by Fernando Lozano, barista of Negro Café, and Ani Varela, bartender at Mito Mercado. They are recorded on the page of the week of the cocktail, the workshop is at 19 HS., has a cost of $590 and includes the tasting of cocktails and coffee. Black Coffee Cave-Suipacha 637

WEDNESDAY 8Paseo gastrocultural on the Avenue CorrientesComo understand that everything that is eating and drinking is not only that, and that has a huge social and cultural significance behind, we choose this activity that exactly combines these two fields perfectly. The anthropologist and semiologist expert in gastronomic culture Carina Perticone will be the guide of this walk along Corrientes Avenue, iconic street framed with stories of cabarets, pizzerias, restaurants and bars that marked the TWENTIETH century.  The plan also includes: a Vermouth in the greyhounds (the most beautiful coffee in Buenos Aires?), two portions of pizza and a flyto in the pizzeria Banchero and a cocktail in turn down, the bar located in the building Comega (opened in 1934). It starts at 19 o’clock. In greyhounds, the price is $890, and also are recorded on the website of the week of the cocktail. Greyhounds-Av. Callao 501
THURSDAY 9 GRAPE! The fruit of the cocktail bar grape is the center and base of many of our most popular drinks, however, few people are aware of this. The grape is wine, yes, but it is also vermouth, brandy Pisco, grappa, even cognac! It is a fundamental part of the cocktail and industry in our country, base of Negronis, Martinis, Clericóts and others. In this workshop you will learn not only about this, but also to work and make cocktails in different ways. It’s at 19 o’clock. And the driver will be the bartender and sommelier Lucas Rothschild, resident in 878.
FRIDAY 10Recorrida of bars of Palermo ViejoNada better to finish the week with a kind of pub crawl bartender by Palermo, and then finish the night in one of the restaurants in the area. This guided tour of Florencia Migliorisi will take you on a visit to three iconic Palermitans bars: Parque, Soria and Rey de Libertadores. In each one you will be able to try a cocktail, with a final tapa. It starts in the park at 19 HS and has a cost of $890. Park Bar Botanic-Thames 1472
This is one of the many things that BAC organises, a organizaciónestamos dedicated to promoting Argentine and Latin American gastronomy and cocktails.You can see more information on its website

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