translated from Spanish: The plane that caught fire in Moscow was by lightning: pilot

Moscow.-Moscow yesterday lived one of the biggest tragedies to burn a plane leaving as balance 41 dead people of 78 occupants. The causes of the tragedy have not yet been determined accurately, however, the pilot of the plane claimed that lightning was the cause of the fire. The pilot Denis Evdokimov told the Russian media that the Sukhoi Superjet 100 made an emergency landing after losing a part of the material aboard the plane by lightning.
«Because of lightning, we lost the radio contact and passed to the minimum piloting regime (…) I mean without a computer, as usual, but directly. In emergency mode, «the pilot explained to the Russian daily Komsomolskaia Pravda. And he expanded: «We managed to restore communication through the emergency frequency, but it was short and operated only intermittently (…) We could say a few words but then the contact disappeared, «Evdokimov said to
«41 people have died,» said Russian instructional committee spokesman in Moscow, Elena Markovsksya.

Previously, the Russian authorities reported 13 deaths, including two minors and one crew member, during the aircraft incident at Sheremetyevo Airport, the largest in Moscow.
Belonging to the Russian company Aeroflot, the apparatus had taken off from Sheremétivo at 18.02 local time (15.02 GMT) but less than half an hour later the plane returned to departure airport, where it made an emergency landing wrapped in flames.

The plane caught fire because of lightning secured the pilot. Photo EFE

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, expressed his condolences to the victims ‘ families and instructed them to provide them with all necessary assistance, the Kremlin reported. According to some sources, one of the most probable causes of the return of the device to Sheremétivo was the impact of lightning that affected the operation of the onboard teams.

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