translated from Spanish: They start works with resources from the CAPUFE program; Will invest 26.9 billion pesos

Guasave, Sinaloa.-Despite the crisis are important works for the municipality, said Mayor Aurelia Leal Lopez to launch yesterday a package of works with resources from the program CAPUFE. In the technical explanation of the works to be carried out, the director gene RAL of works and public services, Mauricio López Parra, mentioned that this program of municipal Capufe envisages paving six roads including the induced works that are the change of lines of drainage, of water, dirt-roads, hydraulic concrete of 15 centimeters, sidewalks, signage and lighting with LED lamps. Favoured
The streets to pave is the 3, with an area of 1110 square meters and an investment of two 1,173,000 pesos; Calea Cedros, with 590.56 square meters and an investment of a 1,184,000 pesos; Perihuete Street, with 424 square meters and a 1,010,000 pesos of investment. He also mentioned the Rio Fuerte River Commission Avenue with 362 square meters and a 1,103,000 investment pesos; The street Venustiano Carranza, in the colony Ángel Flores with 560.48 square meters and a 1,128,000 pesos of investment. Finally, Francisco Serrano Street at the head of the Sindicatura of Ruz, with 948.95 square meters and a 1,768,000 pesos of investment. This gives an amount of 3997 square meters of new paving in the municipality with an investment of this municipal program of 8,367,928 pesos.

In his message the mayor said they will follow up the roads that are unfinished and close circuits for colonies like the Santa Fe, where he started this program of works, have what really belongs to them. He said that in the case of the San Joachín drain, there was a work of very poor quality that to date they continue to pay with their taxes the citizens, so he called them to denounce any anomaly that they observe.
Nothing that is already finished, is false, you are paying with Capufe and that’s why it has been done in several stages, I think that Guasave no longer deserves works of bad quality, Guasave deserves justice and we want you to be vigilant in the public. »

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