translated from Spanish: His son beat her and took away the retirement money

Argentina.-Sofia of 72 years lived terrible moments in the company of his son, who abused and took away money from retirement. The woman told that four years ago her son separated from his wife and returned to live with her. He had been out of work and he was very depressed. For that reason she received it at home. His son always had a bad temper, sometimes he had anger attacks for any reason. After a time of living, his mood worsened, even bothered if she spoke to him. One day he started drinking alcohol and stopped looking for a job. He would go out and when he came back he would get drunk and insult the lady.

His son beat her and took away the retirement money Photo: Pixabay

The abuse was not only in words. After a certain time, he began to leave her locked up when he went out drinking.

Sofia has another daughter, and she says she didn’t know anything, because she didn’t want to worry her. He added that he did not want to leave his home because his son had no job and thought that he could live. The woman endured everything because she wanted to do everything she could to keep her family together. She added that one day her son arrived with her grandchildren and began to treat her badly in front of them. He even ordered them not to talk to him. Time later he learned that his son was also violent with his ex-wife and that was the reason for his separation.

She added that she took care of all the expenses, and also had to wash her clothes. And if something didn’t seem to him, the screaming and the mistreatment started. He came to such an extent to give him his retirement money and pension. He even stopped taking his meds because he didn’t have the money to buy them. When the blows arrived Sofia did not stand any more and denounced her son and went to live at his daughter’s house. Then they took their son out of the house and she came back.

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