translated from Spanish: Raiding truckers: Bullrich rules out a “personal fight” with Moyano

“This is not personal with Moyano, I have a discussion on what moral quality has to have Argentina,” said this morning the Minister of security of the nation, Patricia Bullrich, after the raid on the headquarters of the Teamsters union, where gendarmerie It kidnapped computers, telephones and documentation linked to the cause where it is investigated for alleged irregularities and illicit association with the Barra Brava and leaders of the independent club, among them, with Pablo Moyano. Last night, Hugo Moyano accused her directly of Have sent to pave the union headquarters so, in dialogue with Radio with you, Bullrich denied having a “personal” fight with the truck leader and clarified that the raid on the headquarters of the Guild was arranged “by Justice.”
“It was justice, which is an independent power over the executive; So it’s not me, I wake up in the morning and decide to flatten it. ”

“There is no more persecution against Moyano, this is decided by the judiciary” under “the use of the funds of truckers, who end up solving a football club,” insisted the official, faced for years to the trade union leader. According to the minister, Hugo Moyano, “in the past, had absolute power of everything through the mafia and extortion.” During the radio interview, Bullrich assured that “no” is aware whether “force intelligence agents” went to see the judge of the cause-suspended guarantees judge Luis Carzoglio-, and recalled that the magistrate’s statements, “he is questioned, are Absolutely relative. ” He referred to the sayings of the judge of Avellaneda, who had denounced last year that two agents of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) took a draft of the arrest warrant of the Deputy Secretary of the Teamsters Union, Pablo Moyano, “ready to Be signed. ” In October last year, Carzoglio rejected Pablo Moyano’s request for arrest, which he had requested from Prosecutor Sebastián Scalera, who accused him of allegedly defrauding the independent club, of which he is vice-president.
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