translated from Spanish: Rogelio Frigerio: «The agreement is the need that Argentina has»

Seeking to bury a week of historical maxima in terms of the price of the dollar and national country risk, the government launched a few days ago a document of «consensus» from which again try to bring relief to the Argentines and calms markets. A few hours after the annual fall of the industry in 13.4%, was Rogelio Frigerio who spoke about the implications that this agreement could generate for the opposition arc. «This idea of the President, which is also shared by several opposition leaders, seeks to raise that we are going to honor our commitments, that we are really committed to the balances of public accounts, integration with the world, things Basic, «he departed by pointing out the minister. 

Stating that «They took into account some suggestions from Dr. Lavagna», Frigerio pointed out that «this has to be a construction process, not an accession contract», while it clarified not to «have the truth revealed». In dialogue with in Canal America, the strong man of change in Congress was consulted on the potential implications of this political agreement with eventual retirement reform. In that line, the official said that «Argentina needs a modernization of labour links, precisely to generate and care for jobs. A predictable and sustainable social welfare system must be made to protect current and future «.» It is not opportunism, it is the need that Argentina has today to show that we are a serious country. Better late than ever, «he referred to the agreement presented to the national political class.

«This is the government that has more dialogued with the opposition in recent years. We are the government that has the most vocation for dialogue, because we are convinced that things should be done, «he concluded. In the end, Frigerio sought to dismiss the idea of political opportunism in the face of the upcoming elections: «This cannot be an electoral proposal. What we are thinking is that things we are not going to discuss, I think we change is today the main political space in Argentina, can be expanded, but from the conviction that the country has a path to follow. » Let us remember that the «points» raised, at least initially in this political agreement, although they do not refer to any framework for their effective regulation or enforcement, are as follows: to achieve and maintain fiscal equilibrium.
To support an independent Central bank, which fights inflation.
Greater integration into the world, promoting export growth.
Respect for the law, contracts and acquired rights in order to consolidate legal certainty.
Job creation through modern labour legislation.
Reduction of the tax burden, at the national, provincial and municipal levels.
Consolidation of a sustainable and equitable provisional system.
Consolidation of a federal system, based on clear rules, that allow the development of the provinces and that prevent the national Government exercising a discretion destined to the political discipline.
Secure a transparent, reliable statistics system.
Fulfillment of obligations with our creditors

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