translated from Spanish: Tired of corporate spam? Government and Sernac update the “Do Not Disturb” platform

As a way to maintain even more ironic control against The companies, the Ministry of Economy and the Sernac launched a new version of the platform “do Not Disturb”.
The “Do Not Disturb” platform is a technological tool presented in the year 2013 that allows consumers to request that companies stop sending them unwanted publicity.
With the previous version, the time that companies could take to get a number of their records came within two months, while the new version of “Do Not Disturb” automates various processes for that time limit to be reduced to 24 working hours.
“Almost 120,000 people have used this platform since its inception, 120,000 people whose decision has to be respected by companies. There are many who want to receive offers, but the ‘ when and how ‘ is a decision of each one. That is why we are strengthening this tool because we understand how annoying and invasive some companies can become, said the minister of Economy, José Ramón Valente.
The national Director of Sernac, Lucas Del Villar, explained that “the purpose of this new version of ‘ Do Not Disturb ‘ is to streamline and facilitate the process for the benefit of consumers who do not want to continue receiving such messages.”
“What we are looking for with this new platform ‘ do Not Disturb ‘ is that companies stop doing what we have called ‘ phone bullying ‘ or send this publicity that is often annoying. In case you do not respect this right, we will carry out the respective audits or we will put the complaints to the justice, ‘ he added.
In case of being denounced to the justice, the companies are exposed to fines of up to 300 UTM, that is, more than 14 million of pesos for each affected consumer. Cellular screenshots, for example, serve as evidence.

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