translated from Spanish: Appeal has been returned to 2950 Morelians for the collection of undue property in the administration of Alfonso Martínez: Raúl Morón

Morelia, Michoacán.-are about 2950 citizens of Morelia, who have been returned their money after paying the property. That during the administration of the former municipal president, Alfonso Martínez Alcázar was charged in an irregular or undue way, this after the increase of the tax up to 300% or even to colonies that are not regulated, although the latter do not appear in the Municipal Treasury law.
The current mayor of Morelia, Raúl Morón Orozco declared that there have been detected cases of morelians inhabitants of irregular property that attend the offices of the city council to pay their predial, however no longer appear in the census of the tax, detecting that the collection In the past administration was carried out in an inadequate manner.
He also explained that these cases, as well as citizens who complain about the high tax collection is reviewed by the city Council, returning the money to the complainants.
The’s cyberspace emphasized that the irregular settlements in Morelia-around 237-and their lack of payment of the property represent a lag in the public finances of the municipality.
 «We are in a campaign to regularize the estate, there is a lag in the collection of the property and is being reviewed as regularize because it is important to help us with this payment, we have very important plans infrastructure and operation of roads, the challenge is To bring better services to their colonies. »
On the investigations into the situation, he clarified that it is the Comptroller of the City Council and the Superior audit of the Federation, the bodies that continue to revise on the basis of the allegations that the citizens have submitted for the excessive collection of the tax.
 «I hope they will soon begin to farm responsibilities to whom it may concern,» he said.

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