translated from Spanish: Effects of the crisis: less production and more layoffs in Loma Negra

The first quarter of 2019 economic activity showed the collapse in both the industry and construction and the direct effects are already seen: Loma Negra announced the reduction of production to a single shift at its Barker plant. 

This shrinking needs only 220 employees, instead of the 310 it currently has. That’s 100, but less jobs. At least in principle, as it anticipated the possibility of closing completely this headquarters in Benito Juárez, which now employs 230 direct workers and 90 contracted. The reasons? Basically the crisis in the sector: high production costs that do not supply in a compressed market, with a sector of the construction in decline. Loma Negra’s first proposal is a plan of voluntary retreats, early retirements and relocation to other plants of the company. Relocation that involves moving to Olavarría, Zapala or Catamarca. In total, Loma Negra employs 3000 workers and is concerned about the readjustment of its production nationwide. However, if they did not reconcile with the guild they already warned of the possibility of closing the plant due to the «readjustment of their productive capacity» to the current and future reality of the cement market. News that does not go unnoticed for the town of Benito Juárez, 7000 inhabitants, where the operation of Loma Negra is the main source of work of the town, being the largest company in the area. 
«Without the plant this transforms into a ghost town,» explained Martín Isasmendi, general secretary of the Mining Workers ‘ Association of the Barker Branch, to Infobae. 

The bailing of Loma Negra occurs in the same week that Arcor decided to close its plant in the Campagnola, in Mendoza, leaving 150 employees without work. In this note:

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