translated from Spanish: Enacted the law that sanctions street bullying

The Government promulgated on Wednesday the law 27,501 that incorporates street harassment as a modality of violence towards women, an initiative that received definitive sanction in the Senate on 16 April. This legislation, published in the Official Gazette, amends law 26,485 of comprehensive protection to prevent, punish and eradicate Violence against women in areas where they develop their interpersonal relationships and in public spaces as means of Transportation and shopping centers in the case of harassment. The objective is to criminalize political violence against women and to punish behaviour with the intention of undermining, nullifying, impeding, hindering or restricting the political exercise of women, violating the right to a political life free of violence and to participate in Public and Political Affairs on equal terms with men.
Article 4 suggests “urging police and security forces to act in the Protection of women victims of gender-based violence when violence occurs in public space or public access, including the modality of” violence against women in Public spaces “known as” street harassment “. According to the law, it is necessary to “implement a free and accessible telephone line in an articulated manner with the provinces through relevant government agencies, intended to provide containment, information and advice on existing resources in Prevention of violence against women and assistance to those who suffer from it. ” The text states that “the information collected by the allegations made to this line must be compiled and systematized by the National Council of Women, in order to develop statistics for the prevention and eradication of the various forms of violence Against women. ” Articulate within the framework of the Federal Council of Education the inclusion in the minimum curricular content of gender perspective, exercise of tolerance, respect and freedom in interpersonal relations, gender equality, democratization of family relations, “says the third article. The enactment of the law is signed by the Vice-President Marta Gabriela Michetti, Emilio Monzó, Marta Alicia Luchetta and Juan Tunessi. In this note:

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