translated from Spanish: La Marcha Fifi – the opinion of Benjamin Mendoza

Last weekend, a handful of «organizations» called for an open mobilization against the administration of President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, seeking to replicate the act in all capitals of the country’s entities, making a Directory, in Mexico City the appointment was announced in the Angel of independence. Between classism and xenophobia, between discrimination and hatred, the nearly 8000 (according to the media), walked to the monument to the revolution to demand the resignation of the president in turn, although it was not very clear the thing, in a lurch, were walking between Blocker and Prada lenses, to this monument. With all its madness, Salvador Dalí would have to well, like André Breton, to point out that Mexico is a surrealistic country, even more surreal, in the case of the first, than its own works.
There is nothing more democratic than difference. A country where it can be dissented without the slightest repression is a healthy country in political terms. The conservative right of Iturbidista rhetoric for the first time raises the complaint and slogan as a political strategy, who before Vociferaban in favor of promulgating a law «antimarches» today exercise the right to freedom of expression, which would be funny Would have passed the law and today they apply, see their faces by having a front grenadier ready to give them stick would be a unique spectacle, however, unlike their presidents, the present not only believes in the rule of law in a discursive way , and it’s, believe it or not, quite tolerant.
The March Fifi has been the cause of mockery in all spaces, and is that the UAM conglomerate that number so stunted of demonstrators in Mexico City, there are more people in the Plaza Garibaldi a full weekend that «yellow vests Mexico» applauding against Obrador, but although in this particular case, reality surpasses fiction, the Fifi March cannot be only mockery, nor should it be taken lightly, there are things that are reason for analysis for the left, which must be reason for reflection and which must be characterized in its Fair measure, adjectival even as alarming.
It is not the first time that the rancid sector of the right, that conservative sector at the very least identified with Maximilian and Porfirio, raises a list of slogans of sympathizers of fascism for Gritonearlas on the street, however, if it is the first time This sector of the Mexican population manages to summon 8000 people who, apparently, are in their same harmony. The worrying is normalization, see how they used to do this kind of pronouncements in family meals and as they now do in the streets and in the media without any tapujo; Classism, racism and xenophobia Swarm, live pleasantly and feed back into such spaces, the «politically correct» vanishes and to world scenarios such as the United States and Brazil, the «Call Me Fifi» is nothing but a Declaration of Political war on the people. The right is class-conscious.
The myth of a workshop polarization has no sustenance, polarization has always existed throughout history and its explanation is in economic terms, not discursive, the poor and the rich have always had their place, only with different names, for One side, the oppressive classes, on the other, the oppressed classes, giving life to the engine of history and starring what Marx would call «class warfare.» As a government emanating from an electoral and democratic process, 4T does well by taking a stance of openness to such events and respecting the human rights of the demonstrators, however, it cannot obviate either that it is called upon to elevate that electoral character to Degree of popular and that at some point the confrontation will be inevitable, for which the BRUNETTE must be ready.
How far can it be, democratically, correct? Salvador Allende was a Democrat until the end, that cost the people of Chile about 30000 dead, thousands of others disappeared and almost 20 years of military dictatorship, Venezuela is about to a civil war and in Brazil governs a moron with airs aristocratic tenth Nónico, Mexico lives a process, by its own conditions, different, however, it is the duty of the 4T and the party that made it possible for it to be able to close the doors to this type of political ideologies that nothing adheres neither to a rule of law nor to the progress of the M Ayorías, because it is not enough just to mock or ignore the Fifi March, to dismantle them with people’s organization is a fundamental task for the survival of democracy.
The 4T and the BRUNETTE have a very large work, the political work is the key to that the gains reached by the people do not give back, that someone can say that the workers, for the simple fact of being workers, have the small brain , that the
«Chairos» and migrants bite cardboard because they are hungry and want the government to keep them, or that we have no right to the same opportunities because we have different colors, for nothing is a democratic sign of a healthy society, on the contrary, the only thing It does is reflect the degree of illness in which the current Mexican society is found, product of inequality and the inailment of those who have always remained in power, where intolerance is not bad, or hatred, just a different point of view… scoundrels !
The ethical debate on democracy in the country should soon be given, the story as a teacher is foolproof, organize the people will be the task of the BRUNETTE, hold the 4T, reeducate the people and combat intolerance that of all that organized people, regardless of the Colors and parties, is called to understand that not all opinions, for the simple fact of being, must be respected, that the offenses product of hatred should not be subject to negotiation and that exist, according to the class to which they belong, two types of democracy , bourgeois democracy and popular democracy. The president said, «First the poor,» the Fifís marching with bad spelling despite having graduated from private universities… The World backwards

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