translated from Spanish: Masterchef sums up allegations of animal abuse: cooked live crustacean

“Masterchef” already begins to have his first headaches in the National Television Council (CNTV). This after the elimination test issued on April 7 contemplated cooking a lobster, shrimp-like crustacean, which the judges taught was to be cooked alive or slaughtered in the instant before throwing it into a pot with boiling water. Between one that another cry and cry, the chapter was highly commented on social networks and also brought 161 complaints to the CNTV which were released yesterday by the agency. It shows how they kill live lobsters, in boiling water, to be cooked: animal cruelty and abuse against nervous system animals capable of feeling pain and stress, “described the regulatory body of our television. The newspaper La fourth spoke with the lawyer of the defender of animal rights, Cristian Apiolaza, who did not hesitate to catalog the fact of abuse. ” For all of us who work with animal rights is an obvious abuse, to boil them alive generates a brutal pain, to show it on open television is an act that is not justified, “he explained. Apiolaza points to the content of the chapter was mere morbid. “This case shows you that through the morbid you can achieve a high rating. It’s not the first time Masterchef does something like that. The most important thing is that programs understand that it is not necessary, this includes the violation of animal rights and the sensitivity of people. ” After being consulted by the fourth, channel 13 programming director, Marcelo Hilsenrad, said “‘ MasterChef ‘ is a program that shows a cooking contest through various tests with high standards of hygiene and sanitation in the preparation of dishes” . He added that “in the chapter of April 7th, in which lobsters were prepared, the ideal preparation to minimize the risk of contamination or intoxication is to prepare them as it was done (…) Always under the supervision of a culinary production team. ”

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