translated from Spanish: Sebin stops the vice president of the Venezuelan National Assembly in tow and right hand of Juan Guaidó

Intelligence service officials stopped this my Ércoles to the first Vice-President of Parliament, Edgard Zambrano, who was raised by the parliamentary immunity of the official Constituent National Assembly (ANC) after supporting the failed military uprising against the government.
“We were surprised by the SEBIN (intelligence Service), by refusing to leave our vehicle; They used a crane to forcibly transfer directly to the Helicoide (headquarters of the organism), said Zambrano himself on Twitter.
Minutes earlier, the MP, a militant of the Democratic Action Party (AD), had warned that he was in his vehicle and that he was surrounded by intelligence officials.
Dozens of neighbors, who shouted “freedom” and chanted the AD anthem, were reacting to the detention, as the arrest occurred near the party’s headquarters.
The Head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, who was recognized as acting president by more than fifty countries, has already reacted to the arrest and has described it as “kidnapping”.
“The regime kidnapped the first vice President of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament),” Guaidó said on Twitter
A Zambrano was lifted parliamentary immunity on Tuesday by the ANC, a forum not recognized by the opposition or several governments of the world, for its alleged involvement in several crimes related to the failed military uprising last week led by Guaidó.
The ANC also raised the immunity of six other deputies who supported the uprising, Luis Florido, Mariela Magallanes, Américo de Grazia, Richard Blanco and Simón Calzadilla; But at the moment the arrest of none of them has not occurred.
In addition, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) today requested this body to revise the jurisdiction of parliamentarians Sergio Vergara, Juan Andrés Mejía and Freddy Superlano.
The ANC has given rise to the immunity of other members in the past, in procedures that have been questioned by a large part of the international community, some of which are now exiled.
Venezuela crosses a peak of political tension since last January, when Maduro swore a new 6-year term that does not recognize the opposition and part of the international community and, in response, Guaidó proclaimed an interim government that has the backing of more than 50 Countries, with the United States at the forefront.

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