translated from Spanish: UAEH members demand to thaw university accounts

Members of the Autonomous University of the state of Hidalgo (UAEH) March this Wednesday in Pachuca to demand to President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador His intervention for the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Treasury to thaw its bank accounts.
The march, which goes to Plaza Juárez, is headed by Rector Adolfo Pontigo Noyola; Local deputy Morenista by Pachuca, Humberto Veras Godoy; and Gerardo Sosa, owner of the patronage of the UAEH.
According to the rector, the UIF has only thawed 66 of the 224 that blocked by an investigation for alleged money laundering.
Pontigo Noyola said that the university does not oppose the investigation of the signals of the Financial Intelligence Unit, but they do defrost the accounts, since there will be no money to pay the workers the next fortnight and also no retirements, before That there is a risk of work stoppages on the part of employees or teachers.
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The UAEH has until May 16 to present evidence against the blockade of some of its bank accounts.
In a statement, Hacienda explained that «the blockade of accounts is maintained only with respect to funds linked to the alleged laundering of money for possible acts of corruption, including cases of conflicts of interest of individuals or morals. It is not maintained with respect to the university accounts for which they receive federal and state resources for the payment of payroll and university scholarships. »

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«It will act regardless of who it is»
This morning, President López Obrador said that in the event of illegality in the accounts of the Autonomous University of the state of Hidalgo, it will be acted no matter who it is, because corruption will not be tolerated.
He indicated that it will be the prosecutor’s office to determine if he thaws the university’s accounts after conducting investigations into money movements abroad.
«The indications I have given to Santiago Nieto are that they act with justice, that all the elements are presented. We are trying to clarify as soon as possible so that they do not have funds, ‘ he said.
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«We wish that there is no confrontation in Hidalgo, that we can solve everything with dialogue, with understanding… Everything will be solved in one direction or another because if there is no reason to have frozen the accounts we have to act immediately. »
The President instructed the head of government, Olga Sánchez Cordero, a report detailing the state of the investigation into the alleged detour of the institution.
It should be noted when the notice was received, why the authority was obliged to act, what steps follow according to the Protocol and, in general, what state is currently investigating the alleged millionaire detour of resources that would have been committed in the UAEH, whose rector complains that he learned of the facts through a tweet of the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Treasury, Santiago Nieto Castillo.
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