translated from Spanish: Will seek Morelia to stay as one of the cleanest cities in the country

Morelia, Michoacán.-Municipal authorities announced the details of the day of «Clean Our Mexico», which in this tenth edition, is looking to endorse the place that has Morelia as one of the cleanest municipalities in the country. Initiative of Grupo Salinas that together the hands of the citizens and the authorities in a common purpose, to remove the rubbish of streets, rivers and public spaces, to be realized on May 19 of the present. The starting point for the participating brigades will be the historic center facing the cathedral at the edge of the 8:00 hours.
In a statement, the director of solid waste, Esteban González Luna, welcomed those present on behalf of the mayor, Raúl Morón Orozco and invited the Morelias to join this campaign that will start next May 19 and in which different sectors Productive, social and academic, are ready to participate. This activity is one of the priorities of the Government of Morelia that leads the municipal president, Raúl Morón since the citizenry is involved as it was the strategy Morelia I want you clean, which was combined more than 3500 participants, among Traders, offerers, tolerated trade of the first picture of the city, neighbors and municipal authorities to renew the image and cleanliness of the historic center, in addition to generating awareness in the citizens keep clean streets and public spaces.
Jacob Gonzalez, representative of TV Azteca, explained that this day is the most important of the country because it involves practically the 32 States of the Republic; He indicated that in Morelia, special attention will be paid to four priority points because the accumulation of garbage causes problems during the rainy season: Río Shorty, Río Grande, Santiaguito and Avenida Miguel Hidalgo. He noted that for this occasion, Holdings will play an important role in assuming the commitment to involve its inhabitants in the cleaning of streets and public squares.
Meanwhile, the Secretary of Culture of Morelia Cardiela Amézcua Luna, mentioned that the day is part of the activities of the 478 anniversary of the city for which is prepared the Festival Morelia historic already underway with 312 activities in tenures, Colonies and historical center, music and ballroom dancing, to enjoy art, culture, where the places that will host the events with this cleaning activity are in better conditions for the citizenry, I would highlight.
Finally, Roberto Monroy, secretary of Tourism, recalled that during May, Morelia is in gala as it is the month where it celebrates the anniversary of its foundation, so recognized important to participate in an activity that seeks to improve the face of the city.
Announced that by May 17 is the parade «A Million Dreams made history», which will have the participation of a thousand young people with music and pyrotechnics and a serenade to Morelia will receive the «Birthday of the city» and May 18 , the anniversary of Morelia will be celebrated with a massive event for all the citizens and their families.
Monroy Garcia mentioned that the cleanliness, reduces the risks of floods during the rainy season, by avoiding the accumulation of garbage in drains and hydraulic systems, therefore it is vital to participate in the day and maintain the distinctive that the city holds as One of the cleanest in Mexico.
The press conference was also attended by David Valencia, coordinator of Advisors of President Raúl Morón Orozco, Pedro Farfán, representative of the company Ecocleana Canirac, Baltazar Hernández, representative of the company Melchor Ocampo, Alfredo Ochoa, Representative of the company Servia cleans and auxiliary authorities of the different holdings.

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