translated from Spanish: After the violent episode against Electrolux, a man was decompensated and died

This Wednesday May 8th was a dark day in front of the Electrolux installations in Rosario: After representatives of the Metallurgical Workers ‘ Union (UOM) launched pineapples and kicks against those present in the camping, a person who suffered a decompensation fall eció. It all started on Monday, April 29th when the appliance company decoupled several employees. These, from that day, lead a protest in front of the factory claiming its reinstatement. What is reported by the lawyers Celina Tidoni and Agustín comas is that these dismissals are «illegal» and were «endorsed by the conduction of the metallurgical Workers ‘ Union», as they released in a statement released by the daily left. In this context, this afternoon » A Patota «of that union was present and, as recorded in several films, began to» hit women, students and charitable organizations with the dismissed of Electrolux. »

Serious: Patota de la UOM beats women, students and charitable organizations with the dismissed of Electrolux. We urgently call upon all women, human rights, political and social organizations to come and support the camping. Enough of Patotas! — @despedidosdeelectrolux (@despedidosdeel1)
May 8, 2019

After this violent episode, one of the delegates of the UOM suffered a decompensation and ended up dying of a cardiorespiratory stoppage. The crosses continued once this occurred since the Guild organization issued a letter holding the demonstrators responsible for the death, ensuring that they did not allow «the entry of an ambulance to serve him for what he died in the place», according to what Quoted by the Web citizen. However, the workers, through the aforementioned lawyers, denied this: «At no time today was the passage of any ambulance to enter or leave the plant. This is a feature by dissembling lie of the UOM. This is in the video we attached. What happened was the death of a heart attack from a delegate from another company that was taken there by the direction of the UOM. It is reprehensible and despicable that the management of the UOM wants to use this fact, once again, against the dismissed workers who legitimately claim for their jobs. »

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