translated from Spanish: Aidee’s family urge to clarify delay in hospital transfer

It is 10 days after the murder of the student of the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) east of the UNAM, Aidee Mendoza, who died when he was shot by a firearm inside his classroom. The case still does not clarify. The Office of the Procurator maintains three open lines as motive for the crime, but the young woman’s family demands that they not leave another loose end: The presumed one was a bad medical care for her. 
Lourdes Cuautle Baez is an Aidee’s aunt, but she is also a doctor. He said that they have a reasonable suspicion of possible negligence in the medical care that the student received, since it took a long time to transfer her to a hospital. And one of the possible reasons is that the first paramedics who came to the place did it, apparently, without all the necessary equipment.
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«Something was wrong, it has to be clarified. We know that the school managers called an ambulance and arrived one from the ERUM, but for some reason did not take it (to Aidee) immediately. They say he didn’t seem to have the necessary equipment and had to call another ambulance. Something that’s unclear. But this is something that the attorney general should investigate, «he said in an interview.
Political Animal Published last Friday that, according to official reports of the police capital and the attorney general’s office, the request for assistance from the CCH was received at 15:00 hours on Monday 29 April, so an ambulance was sent from the ERUM to attend. However, the transfer to the hospital would have been given until minutes before 17:00 hours.
I mean: There are almost two hours when you don’t know clearly what happened In the aforementioned UNAM campus.
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Dr. Cuautle Baez said that The clarification and punishment of possible negligence is for the family equally important that the clarification itself of the causes of homicide. It is something they have put on the table at the meetings held with the Office of the Procurator. «It is the two things that must be resolved,» he reiterated.
On the other hand, authorities of the Procurator Capital stressed that the way in which the emergency was addressed is part of the investigation. In an interview last Friday, the attorney Ernestina Godoy stressed that the times in which the assistance was provided were being reviewed.
What Aidee’s aunt ruled out is that there would have been opposition from the board of Directors of the school for the transfer of the young woman, as initially handled, because she argued that they themselves applied for specialized medical support.
The investigation, even without conclusions
Last Monday family of Aidee Mendoza had a meeting with the attorney Ernestina Godoy, to know the development of the research.
«What they told us is that they followed three open lines of the case: a possible quarrel that gave way to the shot, a subject of an aggression by things of retailing, and the subject of the possible lost bullet. They tell us that it depends on the expertise but there were still no conclusions. Next Friday we have a meeting with them and we hope to know the results, «said Aunt Aidee.
On the other hand, the chief General of the investigation police, Bernardo Gómez del Campo, confirmed in the same sense that the forensic opinions – that will allow to know the possible site and distance of the shot that lethally wounded the victim – were still in Development because it was not possible to draw conclusions.
The police chief also said that, at least until last Tuesday, there were no people detained on this case.
«Investigations are ongoing and we still have no conclusions. In expert services The opinion is still being made, «he said briefly, and pointed out that no further data could be given at the moment.
What the experts have confirmed so far is that the bullet that killed Aidee Mendoza was 9 millimeter caliber. Tests were made to the young people who were in the classroom to check if anyone had traces of gunpowder but it was negative, so it is presumed that the shot came outside the classroom.
It should be noted that the 9 millimeter caliber is considered for the exclusive use of the armed forces, so the use of such a weapon is equivalent to a federal offense. Although it was said that federal support would be requested, attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero stated this week that he had not yet received an official request from the capital authorities.
Abuse of the director accused
Relatives of Aidee Mendoza already held a meeting with the director of the CCH East, Víctor Efraín Peralta Terrazas, to address the events that occurred within the campus. However, the young lady’s aunt described the meeting as disappointing because of the attitude shown by the University manager.
«The truth is, we don’t get a good deal from you. We wanted an explanation of what happened but just told us they supposedly have a protocol that was followed, and that was it. He said he had no more information and that he practically knew the same thing as all of us. We felt that he did not want to give us all the information with which he does, «he said.
Students from CCH-east demanded last week the resignation of the director, who said they did not take action for the violence that is lived inside and outside the campus. The foregoing after only three school students have been killed in the current school year.
On the other hand, Lourdes Cuautle added that this Thursday has scheduled a meeting with the attorney general of the UNAM, with a view to scheduling a meeting with the rector of the highest house of studies in our country.
Questioned as to what the specific request would be to the university authorities, Aidee’s aunt summed it up: «Help us to do justice.»
Official support
The family of Aidee Mendoza reported that they received support from the capital government for the coverage of the funeral expenses as well as for the transfer of the family to Puebla, where the funeral of the young woman was held.
Questioned as to whether they would have already received any support proposals of any other kind, to which they are entitled as indirect victims of the fact, they pointed out that the issue had not yet been put on the table.
The girl’s aunt said that this week they had scheduled a meeting with the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum. He insisted that the priority is to clarify the facts.
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