translated from Spanish: Announcements and Chicana: The campaign heats up in Mendoza

Mendoza gets hotter and hotter. There are only a few days before the primary elections, and of course there are no shortages of chicana and cross-comments among the candidates. By fronts 
In the front changes Mendoza, the candidates with more possibilities are two: Rodolfo Suárez, supported by the current Governor Alfredo Cornejo, and Omar de Marchi, mayor of Luján de Cuyo and the representative of MACRI in the province. This week the opponents opined on a strong theme: the closure of the Campagnola that left 125 people fired. Omar de Marchi said that «if he were governor, the company would not have gone.» He said «you have to think about why the firm decides to go to San Luis» and asked «stop crying and get to work so that something like this doesn’t happen again.» Rodolfo Suárez asked «not to put these issues so sensitive to people in politics.» From the executive they described De Marchi’s sayings as «politics» and insisted that the company closed its doors «for logistical and operational matters and not because it is in crisis». Meanwhile, in the front I chose, the opponents are two: Alejandro Bermejo, current mayor of Maipú and Anabel Fernandez-Gasti, national senator for Mendoza. In this case, the candidates have not discussed among themselves, but they have focused on submitting proposals. Bermejo, for example, yesterday promised to eliminate the application of the GRAPE to the housing of the Provincial Housing Institute (IPV), in case of being Governor of Mendoza. He said so after meeting with a group of Mendocinos facing problems to pay their mortgage loans adjusted for inflation. Fernandez-Gasti, who is also the chosen one of Cristina Fernandez in Mendoza, denounced that the retirees lost 14% of their purchasing power. He said that 65% of those who charge retirement are «about to fall into poverty.» He explained that the increase in retirements was 35% while inflation was around 57%. The figure is taken between April 2018 and the same month of this year.

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