translated from Spanish: Begoña Basauri lived uncomfortable situation in the street: follower she tried to «ugly»

Begoña Basauri revealed the bad time that happened when after making a mobile, a woman came up to ask for a photograph and then begin to treat it as «ugly.» The story was declassified by Maria Jose Quintanilla during the great taste. «We went to a mobile and something painful and irritating happened and I came out of thread. I will not tolerate that a woman, who is my friend, come to say something that passes his limit, «said the former red who preferred that Basauri relate what happened.» It was typical after mobile people approach and tell them that after getting out of the air we take pictures and talk. A lady tells us ‘ we can take a picture? ‘ And it happens to the grandson. I had two grandchildren, a whole family. She was like the matriarch, she looks at me and says ‘ Uta You’re a nice goat ‘. I thank you and from the Nothing tells me ‘ on TV you look so ugly, but so ugly. ‘ And I like to say yes well, ‘ is that you really ugly, ugly ‘ (…) In a minute I said Madam already understood, is the face that I have, «commented the panelist. Despite the fact that the actress tried to handle the situation with tact, Quintanilla did not endure passing to take her friend. » I don’t remember what I said, but I wasn’t nice. I said, ‘ Are you kidding me? Are you seeing her? Because I can’t find anything ugly. I told him to put HD, which was not my problem was his, «said the singer. Begoña did not deny that the situation affected her. «The lady keeps telling me this. And I said, why do you tell me I’m ugly, those things really hurt, even though I’m big. It’s so subjective. She being a big old woman and carving, she says ‘ You know what happens is that you’re too skinny and you look fat on TV. ‘ What bothered him is that on TV I looked fatter, I looked and it was the minute I connect and I realized it has nothing to do with me but as it looks and as it has not felt represented (…) What struck us most was that he was with his daughter, who was broken up and with his granddaughter, «he stressed.

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