translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro allows Porte de Armas for 20 professions

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, signed a decree that was published in the Official Journal of the Union, which considerably extends the carrying of arms for 20 professions, among which are elected politicians, lawyers and journalists. The government will also allow armed shooting club leaders, gun-selling shop owners, rural residents, traffic agents, carriers, private security business workers, and business workers to circulate. Transportation of securities. From now on to have a gun, you just have to be over 25 years old, not have a criminal record and present a certificate of psychological aptitude. The carrying of arms entitles people to circulate armed in the street, unlike tenure, which only allows to have a weapon in a private property (residential, rural or commercial). In January, Bolsonaro signed another decree that flexibilized the rules for the possession of weapons, eliminating for all citizens the obligation to demonstrate the need to have a weapon, among other changes. With this new measure on May 7, the President of Brazil said it was until «the limit of the law» and showed his satisfaction with a large representation of parliamentarians of the so-called «bullet Bench», which represent the interests of the arms industry. Bolsonaro has also shown its intention to facilitate the importation of weapons and the installation in Brazil of foreign arms manufacturers.

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