translated from Spanish: CPC will seek to promote denunciation through access to archives in the state anti-corruption system

Morelia, Michoacán.-The members of the Executive Committee of the State anti-corruption system will seek a link with the members of the Michoacan network of archivists in order to develop guidelines for the organization of paperwork files and Concentration for the executive Secretariat. It is to be pointed out that this action will make it easier for citizens to access documents that could serve as proof of a complaint and with this they have the necessary tools to establish a culture of denunciation among the Michoacan.
On the other hand, to strengthen the intervention of the Michoacan within the state system anti-corruption of the state of Michoacán, the members of the Executive Committee approved the powers that will have the Michoacan that decide to incorporate as part of the Consultative Council and those who will be indispensable participants in decision-making.
Within the document adopted at the third regular session of the Executive Committee, it was stressed that the Consultative Council will act as a consultative body in which the citizens will contribute to their proposals, analyse and comment on the issues that are generated Within the Executive Committee on mechanisms of anti-corruption, transparency and access to information.
The document has a list of eight attributions to which the members of the Consultative Council may claim, being one of the main ones to establish itself as a link of the Michoacan society to obtain the feeling and/or the needs of the Michoacan, Which may be exposed to the members of the Executive Committee of the State anti-corruption system.
Therefore, they may issue opinions, suggestions, recommendations and concerns which will be submitted for consideration by the Executive Committee to seek the technical feasibility of these.
In addition, members of the enforcement body may attend executive committee meetings to testify to the actions and proposals issued, as well as recommend actions to develop policies and programmes that meet the needs System-specific, among other functions.
Source: Expresso Monitor

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